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Roof Cleaning Brisbane

How Often Should I Perform Roof Cleaning in Brisbane?

To insure that you will not need a new roof or large interior reconstruction, you should have your roof checked by a professional contractor, at least once a year but twice a year is recommended. Roof cleaning in Brisbane does not need to be an expensive hassle, especially if you take care to have your roof checked regularly. Your contractor may find small issues that need to be fixed and may recommend gutter cleanings, but ideally you will be at lower risk for water damage and mould if you take good care of your roof.

The strongest reason to perform a twice-yearly check is the risk of water damage beneath your roof. There are many ways that water can continually leak into your insulation and ceiling. You may not see problems with your roof from down below, but by checking, your contractor may see damage to the tiles or the flashing that guides water away from your roof. Protecting your roof will protect the inside of your home.

Your contractor may also recommend a power cleaning of your roof to destroy any leaf build-up or mould that has grown on your roof. These organic matters can cause deterioration of your roof. Gutter cleaning is also considered part of roof cleaning because gutters are an integral part of water flow off of your roof. Even if your roof is in great condition, your contractor will probably recommend a cleaning to insure that your roof has the best conditions to sustain a dry attic and ceiling.

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